What to do if my debit or credit card is not working or keeping getting declined?
If your credit card is denied, you will receive an error message. We request you to check with your bank and confirm that you have the minimum funds required to access the card and have no restrictions if you are ordering internationally.

In case you have any issues regarding paying online, you can contact our customer support team through WhatsApp or call +96892201295. We would be happy to assist you.

I want to send a gift to Muscat but I live outside Oman. Can I order online?
Yes, we accept orders from countries all over the world. You can choose your product of choice that you would like to sent and place your order and pay online or contact us for other payment options.
Can I place my order via phone?
We at Wadi Adai Garden Centre work to make ordering a hassle-free experience for you.
You can contact us at +96892201295 for orders via phone. You can choose to pay cash on delivery or via bank transfer. For any other payment methods, contact us.
You may also contact us via WhatsApp to place your order and we will send you the payment link.
What to do if I am billed twice or duplication of orders?
 If you have erroneously booked twice or for some reasons the billing happened twice, we will check the case with our technical experts or the Bank. If there was an error, we will refund the complete amount, which was booked by default.